Let All Stars show you Disney World in style and comfort. When you arrive off the plane you don’t want the headache of struggling with luggage and figuring out where to go. We will get you to the park or a great Disney Resort and stay close. Make with trip fun for everyone not just the kids. When you don’t have to worry about the details you can enjoy the vacation you deserve. 

We’ll show you Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida it’s not just a theme park, but a huge resort complex covering 47 square miles. The resort contains four separate theme parks, three water parks and 99 holes of golf on several different courses. Miles of outdoor recreation are available including hiking, biking, boating and swimming. It has three separate areas containing shopping, dining and entertainment facilities as well as a fourth area with nightclubs. Don’t miss a moment of the fun. 

There are about 18 Disney owned and operated hotels and several non-Disney hotels in the resort. All this combined with many other attractions in the Orlando and central Florida area can be quite overwhelming, we can make it easy to find the right place in the right area and get you there easily visit our website @ www.ftlauderdale-airportshuttle.com.